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About Brawl Stars

Supercell has earned a lot of success with their last two games " Clash of Clans" and " Clash Royale". Now, they are gearing up for their latest launch "Brawl Stars". Because of the immense success of their last two games, expectations are sky high from Brawl Stars. The overall theme of Brawl Stars is also similar to those two, but it has some more added features.

Theme: Brawl Stars is basically a team-based shooting game. Just like the previous Clash games, here also you have to collect coins from the boxes of your opponent. However, the good thing is that in this game, there is no limit for opening a box.

Game Modes: There are as many as 4 different game modes. They are:

1. Bounty: In this game mode, gems are scattered all over the map. Whoever collects more gems at the end of 3 minutes will win the game. The interesting part is that there are extra points for killing your opponent.

2. Smash and Grab: In this mode, you have to collect gems which spawn near a mine. The first team to collect 10 gems wins.

3. Heist: In this case, you have to protect your box of coins from your opponent while trying to steal coins from them.

4. Showdown: This is a 10 man game. This is the most action-packed mode. All the 10 players are sent to the different parts of the map and the last man standing at the end wins. However, if you spend too much time at the corner of the map, then you will be killed by tear gas.

Another good thing about "Brawl Stars" is that there are plenty of interesting maps. Hence, you will never get bored.

Controls: Like most games, this one also has two kinds of controls- Joystick and Tap. For the larger devices, Joystick will be ideal and for the smaller devices, Tap will be more suitable.

In-App Purchases: The coins which you will earn from playing this game can be spent on brawl boxes. Apart from that, there are also several in-app purchases available which will help you progress more quickly. However, you will never be forced to buy anything.