A Comprehensive NBA 2K18 Overview

Enhanced Realism

If you are an online video game enthusiast, you must have realised the influx of thousands of games. Among the games NBA 2K18 remains the most outstanding. The game does a perfect job in ensuring that players have a great experience as they play. It is a game that is highly accessible, so it is not hard to get for anyone who wants to play. Great success is made in some of the most important parts including dribbling, shooting dazzling passes and play calling. To help you gain more understanding continue reading this NBA 2K18 review.


This is one of the important aspects in a basketball game. In NBA 2K18 dribbling and defending are of high quality. The dribble moves involved are very intuitive compared to most other games. As you control a player, you will feel more liberated to make all kinds of moves that you want. In case you chain the players well, you will be able to create ample space to make great drives and finishes.

What about the passing?

One of the areas in this game that require a lot of tuning is passing the ball. As you play the game you will realise that that the speed at which you should move the ball before making a pass is a bit slow. However, this is something that the game developer have promised they will improve in order to make the passing faster.


When you play NBA 2K18 there are several things you will like when it comes to shooting. One, there is a shot feedback meter that shows your level of accuracy when you are on the release meter. It also shows your level of defending, thus enables you make the right improvements. After you make every shot, you get to see a small box that indicates whether your shot was good, late or even excellent.

Player strength and animation

There are several animations in this game and you will be able to see in all aspects of the game. Most of the animations will appear during and instantly after the rebound battles. In the game, strength rating is very important. In most cases players with more weight comes out as winners in the back down segments.

What is the look of the players?

In NBA 2K18, there are no weak players. All the players involved gave good athlete body that makes them look like genuine players. Another important thing you note is that those players who looked too hefty in previous games now look leaner and well suited for the game.