A Whole New Gaming Experience

NBA 2K18 Gaming Experience

NBA 2K18 is an incredible basketball game that has redefined the online sports experience in video games. It makes the gamer feel they are taking control of an actual NBA franchise. This mighty game has received numerous updates. The gamer can now roam around a small town searching for players. Best of all, players can train in the gym before the actual game begins.


Updated create a player

The gamer can create the player of their choice. For instance, you can scan your face and choose the height of the player thanks to the unique presentation of the game. Signature accessories like arm sleeves have been re-scanned.


The gamer can collect cards of NBA legends on both online and offline modes.

Run the neighborhood

This game allows you to play the game the way you like. You can build your career, explore the shops, and hit the court in an open neighborhood setting.

Schedule challenges

For each of the NBA teams, you can play through a 30 minutes game schedule.

Road to 99

Regardless of the mode you choose to play, you can improve your overall rating. Your attributes, badge system and animations contribute to your 99 overall rating.

Pack and playoffs

The all-new draft mode allows the gamer to build the best 5-man team before a new round begins. The new lineup gives a new experience on every round.


The shot meter -- you can customize the meter's color to blue, green, red, pink, orange or any other color. The green color means you are almost guaranteed of success.

Shot feedback

Every time you take a shot, you'll be notified how close your player was for the shot. The gamer gets an instant feedback on every shot.

Presentation of the players' strength

The game features enhanced realism. It's difficult to back down bigger guys when they move close to the basket.

Gap between bigger and average players

In NBA 2K18, the better players feel they have a high chance of scoring when you try to control them. The game shows a bigger gap in skill between the average player and the stars.


  • The dribble moves on the game feel more intuitive. Thankfully, the gamer is in control of every move he or she tries to execute.
  • The game is devoted to attention to detail and realism
  • NBA 2K18 gives balanced shooting percentages
  • The foul sensitivity in the line is perfect
  • The face scans are incredible

  • Cons

  • The game requires some tuning in passing of the ball.

  • Conclusion

    The NBA 2K18 game has surpassed the mighty NBA 2K17. It has gives incredible attention to realism and delivers an astonishing level of visual polish.