Heightened and Enhanced Realism

Enhanced Realism

Heightened and enhanced realism seems to be the theme for the NBA Franchise’s newest release – the NBA 2K18. The franchise had been running with the best of its class games for the past many years and soon as they saw a hint of competition from the NBA Live 18, launched an enhanced new chapter of the game that has become the best NBA game by far to have ever hit the market.

So here we are, reviewing the next generation of NBA gaming with NBA 2K18.

All-Time Teams Make Me Go Weak in the Knee

Just the thought of it was enough to send the fans of the franchise into an excitement overdrive.

For the first time, present day superstars can take to the court with some all time greats. Think of the sparks that will fly in the courts when you have some deadly present-past combinations to play.

Celebrating the Generations

In NBA 2K18, the Classic Teams come back with a bang, with not one, not two but 16 teams to choose from. If you have rooted for teams such as the 2010-11 Mavericks or the 1996-97 Heat, you will have a hell of a time reliving those moments with NBA 2K18.

This is perhaps the next best mouth-watering offering in NBA 2K18 after the All-Time teams.

Near Open World Experience for the First Time

MyPark has featured in some earlier versions of the franchise that gave a slight experience of open world gaming with trips to local basketball courts to shoot some hoops with the local players.

But NBA 2K18 has taken it to the next level.

How about an entire town called 'The Neighbourhood' to let your players go wild? This perhaps is the best addition in the game format that we could have ever imagined. You have all the real world realism with the improved attention to detail, and your players can walk or drive or skateboard to the various games and events taking place in 'The Neighbourhood'.

You can send you players on a customizing trip to outfit stores like Foot Locker in the streets or redo their hair in a barbershop.

Absolutely amazing move to mix in some GTA into NBA!

But Best Thing Yet – Realism

Despite all the other great features of the game, the incredible realism with which they have treated the game play and the players is the greatest appealing factor of NBA 2K18.

You are forced to make wiser decisions at the post, because now player size is more realistically transformed to strength on the court.

Dribbles are made incredibly realistic and you can guide your players with more expertise and ease without any of the glitches of the past.

Just like with size and strength correlation, the realism is very much apparent when you compare the performance of star players and other average players. The differences in their game prowess are more apparent in game play.

Improved in Leaps and Bounds

There is absolutely no doubt about one thing. If you loved the other games in the NBA franchise, you are absolutely going to die for NBA 2K18.

The game franchise has really outdone themselves this time around!